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The Office Cry Baby


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I would like to travel in a time machine to the 1940s and 1950s to get a real picture of office life.

I know there were no copy machines or Keurigs, but were there as many cry babies? Did people know the difference between office and home?

As a woman, I have recognized a huge component which may have been left out of the feminist movement: Office Education for Women

The same women who paint the picture of being 9-5 superwomen, will often quiver chin in meetings and cry in the bathroom or in front of you over the most stupid issues.

There are many women currently in the workforce with the inability to differentiate between work and home. This can manifest itself by talking to their coworkers like they are children, acting like they are the office mother, and crying if they get their feelings hurt (picture your mom after a really bad rumble with the kiddos).

There is not one person in the world who does not have a bad day, but dear God, let’s man up. Embrace the following concepts to enhance the workflow:

  • You did not birth anyone or anything here
  • You are not married to anyone here
  • You do not live here
  • You do not own this place

Embracing these office concepts should make it easier to avoid crying in the bathroom when your coworkers tell you to be at meetings on time, please do not interrupt them, and to stop rearranging things in their office space, and any other office issue which may arise.

Working through these common sense principles will also help you manage change in your place of business.  Think about it, do you go in any business that looks and operates exactly like it did 25 years ago? Hell No.

Quit arguing and crying about change in the workplace. This is common sense.



The Academic’s Passport


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We are living in a world where the academic’s passport can actually transport you out of this world and into a world full of fantasy.

Students, have you been in one of these professors’ classrooms? The syllabus says the topic to be covered is cellular immunity, but today the professor is rambling on about Russia, dangers of vegan dieting, feminism, global warming, voting procedures, and spaying/neutering of animals.

Reality check! None of this will be on the final exam. Was this part of orientation? No, you didn’t miss anything. Your professor watched the news this morning, picked up their passport before heading to work, and now they are on their trip (power trip).

Forget the educational journey your student loan is paying for today! That biology lab you hope to work for is going to find your knowledge of political arguments a breath of fresh air in this day and time.

Reality check! If this distinguished professor worked at any other type of job they would be told to gather their belongings and hit the road. They have severely failed to accomplish the goal of successfully teaching about cellular immunity this class period and most likely any other.

Their academic passport has allowed them to free flow outside the bounds of reality for so long now there is no choice, but to revoke the passport.

Let’s ground these flights for a while until academia has a better understandings of concepts such as a syllabus, learning objectives, concrete vs. abstract, and opinions vs. facts. It’s just common sense.

Daily Prompt

The Opinion Police


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What would we do without the opinion police? Those people who come out of the woodwork to let us know how off color and uncultured we are for sharing our personal or political opinion…especially if it is different than theirs.

You know….the people who look down their nose and their crooked reading glasses with the condescending glances and tsk, tsk sounds to indicate they think we have bad manners and that we are idiots.

If you ever feel the need to redirect the opinion of another adult, just stop yourself.


Recognize these common sense tidbits:

  • We don’t have the same opinion and this is ok.
  • It is not your job to convince me your opinion is the best. I don’t care.
  • It is not my job to convince you my opinion is the best. You don’t care.
  • You do what you want to do.
  • I do what I want to do.
  • We do not have to vote the same.
  • You are not required to look at my social media pages.
  • I am not required to look at your social media pages.
  • If I am saying or doing something you don’t like, don’t look or listen.*
  • If you are saying or doing something I don’t like, I will not look or listen. *
    • *We will both need to apply an extra helping of common sense here because if either one of us are using a bullhorn or some other craziness the other cannot ignore….this is a whole other ballgame.

And, please, do not think you are special enough to block traffic. I can assure you no one on this Earth has a rare and special enough opinion which should prevent another person from making to the hospital or to their job. MOVE!!!

The Amnesiac Politician

lost person

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Have you seen the politician with amnesia? They went to Washington, DC and forgot what they were supposed to be doing there.

A good common sense leadership principle is to not expect other people to do what you are not willing to do yourself.

For instance, if I, as a leader of a rock busting team, thought it would be reasonable for a man to bust 10 rocks a day, I should probably be able to bust that many rocks myself. Perhaps I have never busted a rock in my life. The next best thing may be to ask 20 average rock busters, “How many rocks can you bust a day?” Common sense would tell me not to ask the super rock buster or the slacker rock buster for their results.

Now, as a leader of the rock busters, at any given day and time, I should be willing to go and roll up my sleeves and bust some rocks. I should also have the exact same benefits, money, etc. as  my team of rock busters. This keeps me humble and keeps my head out of the clouds. Because right now, I am representing my team of rock busters in Washington, DC. I am not here to blend in and acculturate.

I still really want to bust rocks, but my team has chosen me to represent them, because I am (hopefully) the smartest rock buster. Surely, my fellow rock busters did not choose me because I am super cute or I can talk fast, or because my parents have a famous last name in our community.

A politician needs to avoid amnesia at all times.

Here are some ways a rock busting politician can avoid amnesia:

  1. Instead of wearing fancy suits, wear a “Rock Buster” T-shirt.
  2. Have the same exact healthcare as the rock busters back home and pay for it out of your salary which is equivalent to that of the rock busters whom you have left to serve for this term, because of love for fellow rock busters.
  3. Unless you are going to give a speech about the rock busters back home, sit down and be quiet. That is the only reason we picked you to go.
  4. Call and check with the larger group of rock busters before you do anything. You are the rock buster puppet. Not the other way around.


This is a common sense approach to avoiding developing amnesia in Washington, which is a place in America devoid of common sense and where amnesia has reached a level of pandemic.

Disclaimer: Because I know some people will read this and not have enough common sense to know I am using “rock busting” as an example of how elected officials should truly represent the people (rock-busters) of their states; let me clarify, rock busters are not meant to insinuate lobbyists groups.