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On a recent trip to a nail salon, I met what would be considered an outlier in the south.

A 10 year-old man-child who was obviously the boss of his family of women, managed the money and the decision-making for the family.  The whole situation was like watching a sociological experiment gone awry. At first I thought it might be because the women could not speak English, but language was not an issue.

This little dictator actually handled all the money and the women asked him for permission to purchase items in the store. These women ranged in age from 5 years old to 50 years old.

Rather than asking him for money, I pictured one of the older women in my family lifting his already narcissistic fanny off the chair and giving him a dose of southern style reality known as hickory tea (a spanking).

What is wrong with people? I appreciate different cultures, but could we degrade women any more than having to ask a 10-yr-old boy for money just because he is a male? Give me a break!

Daily Prompt

The Office Cry Baby


Photo: http://www.pexels.com

I would like to travel in a time machine to the 1940s and 1950s to get a real picture of office life.

I know there were no copy machines or Keurigs, but were there as many cry babies? Did people know the difference between office and home?

As a woman, I have recognized a huge component which may have been left out of the feminist movement: Office Education for Women

The same women who paint the picture of being 9-5 superwomen, will often quiver chin in meetings and cry in the bathroom or in front of you over the most stupid issues.

There are many women currently in the workforce with the inability to differentiate between work and home. This can manifest itself by talking to their coworkers like they are children, acting like they are the office mother, and crying if they get their feelings hurt (picture your mom after a really bad rumble with the kiddos).

There is not one person in the world who does not have a bad day, but dear God, let’s man up. Embrace the following concepts to enhance the workflow:

  • You did not birth anyone or anything here
  • You are not married to anyone here
  • You do not live here
  • You do not own this place

Embracing these office concepts should make it easier to avoid crying in the bathroom when your coworkers tell you to be at meetings on time, please do not interrupt them, and to stop rearranging things in their office space, and any other office issue which may arise.

Working through these common sense principles will also help you manage change in your place of business.  Think about it, do you go in any business that looks and operates exactly like it did 25 years ago? Hell No.

Quit arguing and crying about change in the workplace. This is common sense.





Long before Bruce turned into Caitlin, pussification was occurring. This is nothing new.

A recent example of pussification is when a really hot guy made the statement he needed to wash his hands immediately after he pets a dog. This same person has a tattoo on the inside of his upper arm which read“Pain is Gain”.  Really? After the statement about the hand washing, I have the feeling a little Fido slobber would bring you right to your knees.

Mothers are the ultimate pussifiers. What child needs a pacifier when you can have a lifetime pussifier? Who cares that you are now in college or if you are a 40-yr-old adult? Your doorbell just rang. Your mom just came with a casserole and to rehash how your boss is an asshole. She is going to call him and/or pep up your resume to send out on some other job opportunities. She also needs to make your dental appointment and dust while she is “just in the neighborhood”.

Let’s apply a hefty dose of common sense to prevent pussification of people, regardless of their gender.

And regardless of how tough you think you are, if you have to go wash your hands after you pet a dog…..you just completed the pussification process and you did not have to spend the money , Honey.