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Rap Videos Vs. Real Life


Photo: http://www.pexels.com

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta’ (or a gangsta’s lady friend)!

But…I’m not and unfortunately neither are you.

You are also not one of the dancers in the videos. I don’t know if you are in high school, the mom of a teenage daughter, if you live in downtown,  uptown, or the suburbs, but I am 100% sure you did not just step off the set of a rap video.

Let’s get real!  You know you cannot get a single thing done with 3 inch pointed nails painted neon yellow with diamonds on the end trying to balance your body around on high heels wearing leggings in the grocery store. Your husband is probably an accountant, uses a C-pap, and is afraid of guns.

And this applies to people of all colors, so don’t go there! It doesn’t matter if you are purple... no one can wipe their fanny with 3 inch pointed fingernails. It is just not sanitary.

What you can do with those is spread germs, accidentally scratch people, twist your ankle, and thoroughly embarrass yourself.

Quit pretending you are in a video! This is real life. There has yet to be a time I have been in the grocery store, post office, doctor’s office, gas station, mall, or anywhere else where there has suddenly been a casting call for ridiculously overdressed women.  Snoop Dog, Lil’Wayne, Eminen, etc. have yet to swoop in and pick up a new lady friend at any of those places. They have a huge selection wherever they are currently practicing their #ThugLife and it is not at the grocery store.

I love Halloween as much as the next person, but after about the age of 4, my momma stopped letting me go out in public dressed in a costume. Thank God she had common sense!