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The New Late


We have raised a generation who sincerely believe if something doesn’t happen instantly then it is in fact “late”.

How can we break this trend?

I spoke with a group of college professors recently and the topic of student evaluations of teaching was a discussion topic (more blog posts on this later). The department policy is for the teacher to answer emails within 24-48 hours and most believe they do follow this general rule. However, the professors who followed this policy rather than answering students emails immediately received negative comments on their teaching evaluations by students stating they did not answer emails and/or were not available as needed.

It is worth noting some of these same students are chronically tardy and generally have the “just woke up” look at 2pm.

Also noteworthy is most of the email correspondence professors state they receive are questions already answered with readily available step-by-step assignment instructions or information provided in the syllabus or on the calendar.

Dealing with other human beings is much different from social media and video games. Contrary to popular belief among the young culture, teachers and professors are not all sitting in a circle at the college 24/7 eagerly awaiting their last-minute questions.

New research is showing more and more that we need work-life balance. Being constantly connected to technology is actually bad for your health.

This is a touch of common sense worth sharing.




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Learnability is not a word you will find in a dictionary, but rather a new word I have coined.

Do you have learnability? The ability to learn. I know you are teachable. Everyone can be taught, but can you learn?

I can teach a topic until I am blue in the face, but are you able to learn?

We are in the midst of an epidemic. There is an absence of learning taking place right now.

Teaching is taking place everywhere. Professors stand in front of classes and talk. They take the student to labs and provide assignments. However, only small amounts of learning actually occurs.

There is an extreme focus on points and grades. The focus needs to shift to concentrate on learning.

Everyday you should ask yourself, “What did I learn new today?”


Millennial Expert


I love the millennial generation and generation Z. I really do! They are full of energy, fun, and bright ideas. We all love it!

What we don’t like is how they come out of the womb thinking they are experts. This is not how life works. I have lived a long time and I am still not an expert on some things and neither are you.

Just because your mom thinks you are great, doesn’t really mean you totally are and that you truly know everything there is to know in the world.  See The “You Are Special Disclaimer”

Can the next generation learn to value life experience and actually do some activities to become an expert before assuming the role?

Don’t tell people how to live, vote, and make life choices when you have only read a few books, are barely out of diapers and have not registered yourself for college courses and/or made your own doctor appointments.

I know an older gentleman (age 40) who owns a coffee shop and I honestly don’t know how he kept the doors open until he hired the new generation to tell him how to run the place. God knows they have plastered their opinions of his management style all over social media.

Never mind that while he is away, they can’t make change from the register without putting 2 heads together, the creamery is always empty, and the music is at concert level rather than coffee shop level. Not to mention, they generally act like they are doing me a huge favor by showing up to take my order. The “just rolled out of bed” look is the new “professional attire” look.

I think the poor man deserves a medal of honor for trying to mentor the new generation rather than sending their expert behinds out with the trash.

Daily Prompt



Photo: http://www.pexels.com

On a recent trip to a nail salon, I met what would be considered an outlier in the south.

A 10 year-old man-child who was obviously the boss of his family of women, managed the money and the decision-making for the family.  The whole situation was like watching a sociological experiment gone awry. At first I thought it might be because the women could not speak English, but language was not an issue.

This little dictator actually handled all the money and the women asked him for permission to purchase items in the store. These women ranged in age from 5 years old to 50 years old.

Rather than asking him for money, I pictured one of the older women in my family lifting his already narcissistic fanny off the chair and giving him a dose of southern style reality known as hickory tea (a spanking).

What is wrong with people? I appreciate different cultures, but could we degrade women any more than having to ask a 10-yr-old boy for money just because he is a male? Give me a break!

Daily Prompt

Don’t Shake The Tree


Some grandmothers can be full of wisdom.

I did not take advantage of soaking up all the advice my grandmother had to offer and this is a major regret in my life.

I have a distinct memory of playing in the living room of her house, in my own little world, when the phone rang.

I didn’t pay much attention to the very brief conversation before she said the sentence that stopped me in my tracks. She said to the person on the other end of the line, “If you don’t like my peaches, don’t shake my tree.” And then she simply hung up the phone and went on like nothing had happened.

At around the age of 6 years old, I had no clue what had transpired. I think I really believed someone had shook her peach tree and ate a bad peach.

We all need to embrace the peach tree theory. If someone doesn’t like my peaches, I don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to try to provide them with better peaches. They simply need to find a different tree.

And when we find a peach we do not care for, we should not keep shaking the same tree like a gorilla, expecting a different type of peach. We need to find a new tree.

How refreshing to say, “If you don’t like my peaches, don’t shake my tree.” And then just press the red phone button on the iPhone and be done.


The Academic’s Passport


Photo: http://www.pexels.com

We are living in a world where the academic’s passport can actually transport you out of this world and into a world full of fantasy.

Students, have you been in one of these professors’ classrooms? The syllabus says the topic to be covered is cellular immunity, but today the professor is rambling on about Russia, dangers of vegan dieting, feminism, global warming, voting procedures, and spaying/neutering of animals.

Reality check! None of this will be on the final exam. Was this part of orientation? No, you didn’t miss anything. Your professor watched the news this morning, picked up their passport before heading to work, and now they are on their trip (power trip).

Forget the educational journey your student loan is paying for today! That biology lab you hope to work for is going to find your knowledge of political arguments a breath of fresh air in this day and time.

Reality check! If this distinguished professor worked at any other type of job they would be told to gather their belongings and hit the road. They have severely failed to accomplish the goal of successfully teaching about cellular immunity this class period and most likely any other.

Their academic passport has allowed them to free flow outside the bounds of reality for so long now there is no choice, but to revoke the passport.

Let’s ground these flights for a while until academia has a better understandings of concepts such as a syllabus, learning objectives, concrete vs. abstract, and opinions vs. facts. It’s just common sense.

Daily Prompt