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Recycle You


Do you know how valuable you are?

It concerns me when I see people let others treat them like a cheap soda can rather than a precious treasure. People covet precious treasures and they stomp cheap soda cans.

I have a saying : “I can be by myself, by myself. It is a lot less trouble.”

Some of us have become wrapped up in fairy tales and delusions when it comes to relationships.  We grasp on to people who tell us in their actions, time and time again, they believe we are as disposable as a cheap used soda can.

Do you know what will relieve the stress of this relationship for you? Placing yourself in the recycle bin. We live in a time when a cheap soda can is recycled into wonderful works of art and appears in another location much more appreciated.

If you have someone in your life treating you as disposable, do yourself a favor and exit their life or show them how to exit yours.

It is much less trouble to be alone, alone. You will find your stress level will decrease tremendously and you can actually enjoy your life as the precious treasure you are.



Let’s Wait and See

candlesPnoto: http://www.pexels.com

Last night I attended a concert. The band said, “We have been working on some new music and here is our letter to the world.”

Before even one word fell out of the singer’s mouth, the crowd whipped out their smart phones in the poor, pitiful candle mode and began to sway.

What ever happened to waiting to see? Why assume the song was going to be all doom, gloom, and blah?

Let’s think about the condition of the immediate world of we concert attenders last night. We drove there in our car, no one appeared homeless other than by choice, this event was free, there were drinks, people were smiling and happy. I saw no reason to whine.

Why pre-whine? Let’s wait and see if there is actually anything to whine about. For all you know they were about to sing about sunshine, roses, and unicorns. None of those require swaying and candle mode.

As to what the letter to the world actually said…I will have to wait until the album version. As with 99.9% of all live concerts, I could not understand one word of what they were saying.





Rap Videos Vs. Real Life


Photo: http://www.pexels.com

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta’ (or a gangsta’s lady friend)!

But…I’m not and unfortunately neither are you.

You are also not one of the dancers in the videos. I don’t know if you are in high school, the mom of a teenage daughter, if you live in downtown,  uptown, or the suburbs, but I am 100% sure you did not just step off the set of a rap video.

Let’s get real!  You know you cannot get a single thing done with 3 inch pointed nails painted neon yellow with diamonds on the end trying to balance your body around on high heels wearing leggings in the grocery store. Your husband is probably an accountant, uses a C-pap, and is afraid of guns.

And this applies to people of all colors, so don’t go there! It doesn’t matter if you are purple... no one can wipe their fanny with 3 inch pointed fingernails. It is just not sanitary.

What you can do with those is spread germs, accidentally scratch people, twist your ankle, and thoroughly embarrass yourself.

Quit pretending you are in a video! This is real life. There has yet to be a time I have been in the grocery store, post office, doctor’s office, gas station, mall, or anywhere else where there has suddenly been a casting call for ridiculously overdressed women.  Snoop Dog, Lil’Wayne, Eminen, etc. have yet to swoop in and pick up a new lady friend at any of those places. They have a huge selection wherever they are currently practicing their #ThugLife and it is not at the grocery store.

I love Halloween as much as the next person, but after about the age of 4, my momma stopped letting me go out in public dressed in a costume. Thank God she had common sense!



Long before Bruce turned into Caitlin, pussification was occurring. This is nothing new.

A recent example of pussification is when a really hot guy made the statement he needed to wash his hands immediately after he pets a dog. This same person has a tattoo on the inside of his upper arm which read“Pain is Gain”.  Really? After the statement about the hand washing, I have the feeling a little Fido slobber would bring you right to your knees.

Mothers are the ultimate pussifiers. What child needs a pacifier when you can have a lifetime pussifier? Who cares that you are now in college or if you are a 40-yr-old adult? Your doorbell just rang. Your mom just came with a casserole and to rehash how your boss is an asshole. She is going to call him and/or pep up your resume to send out on some other job opportunities. She also needs to make your dental appointment and dust while she is “just in the neighborhood”.

Let’s apply a hefty dose of common sense to prevent pussification of people, regardless of their gender.

And regardless of how tough you think you are, if you have to go wash your hands after you pet a dog…..you just completed the pussification process and you did not have to spend the money , Honey.