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Police, Lies, and Videotape


Recently in my community a woman posted some terrible photos of her children’s father in the hospital on Facebook. His mouth was bloodied and he was mumbling. He had a C-collar around his neck to stabilize his movement. She claimed the local police beat him and threw him off a bridge.

This story and images went viral. Many people were saying terrible things about the police. Later the next day the local police chief released a video from the body cam on one of the officers. The story the woman had put on Facebook was totally false. The man literally jumped off a bridge (19ft) onto a rocky embankment, then kept crawling and running into a wooded area near a river. A taser had to be used after he refused to show his hands to police despite repeated requests from the officers to stop and show hands. This incident occurred at night and it was extremely dark underneath the bridge of the interstate highway.

The video goes on to show the police, medics, and fireman caring for this man with kindness and compassion. They were comforting him and assuring him he was going to be ok. They spent time considering ways to minimize further injury to his body while attempting to lift him out of this dark, rocky, wooded area.

The man sustained broken teeth, a lacerated tongue, and a broken femur from the fall. If you could see the terrain he landed on it is amazing he is alive.

People should be very careful in posting accusations such as this. Crying “wolf” and being exposed does not benefit anyone.

There are many ways common sense could have been used in this situation:

1. Don’t put accusations on social media until you know the facts.

2. Don’t believe everything you read on social media or see on the news.

3. Don’t jump off a 19ft bridge in order to escape your outstanding warrants. It is much less costly and better for your health to serve the time.

4. Try to give service professionals the benefit of doubt before labeling all of them as evil. I have had a bad waitress a time or two, but I certainly don’t believe the entire profession is without worth.

Lady Common

The New Late


We have raised a generation who sincerely believe if something doesn’t happen instantly then it is in fact “late”.

How can we break this trend?

I spoke with a group of college professors recently and the topic of student evaluations of teaching was a discussion topic (more blog posts on this later). The department policy is for the teacher to answer emails within 24-48 hours and most believe they do follow this general rule. However, the professors who followed this policy rather than answering students emails immediately received negative comments on their teaching evaluations by students stating they did not answer emails and/or were not available as needed.

It is worth noting some of these same students are chronically tardy and generally have the “just woke up” look at 2pm.

Also noteworthy is most of the email correspondence professors state they receive are questions already answered with readily available step-by-step assignment instructions or information provided in the syllabus or on the calendar.

Dealing with other human beings is much different from social media and video games. Contrary to popular belief among the young culture, teachers and professors are not all sitting in a circle at the college 24/7 eagerly awaiting their last-minute questions.

New research is showing more and more that we need work-life balance. Being constantly connected to technology is actually bad for your health.

This is a touch of common sense worth sharing.



Meetings Are Not Your Stage


Did you know the office staff meeting is not your place to shine?

99.9% of people attending meetings are ready to leave as soon as they get there. If you find yourself speaking on a topic for longer than a minute to two minutes, you have exceeded the patience of 99.9% people in the room.

If you need to talk to someone for longer than 1-2 minutes, try talking to your pet or your spouse.

I often wonder if some of the office stars have anyone to talk to at home? Is this the only place they get to converse with adults?

Meetings are to provide need-to-know information. The office staff does not need your opinion on everything from hairstyles to tampons during the staff meeting.

The Office Cry Baby




Breeding As An Accomplishment

Baby Feet

Today I actually heard someone brag about the amount of children they have birthed. Is breeding an accomplishment? This person was dragging about 5 kids under the age of 5 around the mall. She was talking to an acquaintance and sharing the number of combined children she and her sister have produced.

Free birth control should be taken advantage of. Encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to use it.

We all love babies! Who couldn’t love a baby? They are so cute and tiny.

The problem is it would be rare for person to be able to afford a football team of children. A football team has lots of managers and staff that help care for them. We don’t have the luxury of this in real life. Never is this more obvious than when a haggard mom in sweatpants is trying to shop with 5 children.

I fear for the safety of a herd of children as you drag them around on a shopping trip clearly not knowing if you are coming or going. If you are not going to take advantage of free birth control, you need to invest in a good management staff.

Breeding is not an accomplishment.



school books

Learnability is not a word you will find in a dictionary, but rather a new word I have coined.

Do you have learnability? The ability to learn. I know you are teachable. Everyone can be taught, but can you learn?

I can teach a topic until I am blue in the face, but are you able to learn?

We are in the midst of an epidemic. There is an absence of learning taking place right now.

Teaching is taking place everywhere. Professors stand in front of classes and talk. They take the student to labs and provide assignments. However, only small amounts of learning actually occurs.

There is an extreme focus on points and grades. The focus needs to shift to concentrate on learning.

Everyday you should ask yourself, “What did I learn new today?”


Millennial Expert


I love the millennial generation and generation Z. I really do! They are full of energy, fun, and bright ideas. We all love it!

What we don’t like is how they come out of the womb thinking they are experts. This is not how life works. I have lived a long time and I am still not an expert on some things and neither are you.

Just because your mom thinks you are great, doesn’t really mean you totally are and that you truly know everything there is to know in the world.  See The “You Are Special Disclaimer”

Can the next generation learn to value life experience and actually do some activities to become an expert before assuming the role?

Don’t tell people how to live, vote, and make life choices when you have only read a few books, are barely out of diapers and have not registered yourself for college courses and/or made your own doctor appointments.

I know an older gentleman (age 40) who owns a coffee shop and I honestly don’t know how he kept the doors open until he hired the new generation to tell him how to run the place. God knows they have plastered their opinions of his management style all over social media.

Never mind that while he is away, they can’t make change from the register without putting 2 heads together, the creamery is always empty, and the music is at concert level rather than coffee shop level. Not to mention, they generally act like they are doing me a huge favor by showing up to take my order. The “just rolled out of bed” look is the new “professional attire” look.

I think the poor man deserves a medal of honor for trying to mentor the new generation rather than sending their expert behinds out with the trash.

Daily Prompt

Recycle You


Do you know how valuable you are?

It concerns me when I see people let others treat them like a cheap soda can rather than a precious treasure. People covet precious treasures and they stomp cheap soda cans.

I have a saying : “I can be by myself, by myself. It is a lot less trouble.”

Some of us have become wrapped up in fairy tales and delusions when it comes to relationships.  We grasp on to people who tell us in their actions, time and time again, they believe we are as disposable as a cheap used soda can.

Do you know what will relieve the stress of this relationship for you? Placing yourself in the recycle bin. We live in a time when a cheap soda can is recycled into wonderful works of art and appears in another location much more appreciated.

If you have someone in your life treating you as disposable, do yourself a favor and exit their life or show them how to exit yours.

It is much less trouble to be alone, alone. You will find your stress level will decrease tremendously and you can actually enjoy your life as the precious treasure you are.