Police, Lies, and Videotape


Recently in my community a woman posted some terrible photos of her children’s father in the hospital on Facebook. His mouth was bloodied and he was mumbling. He had a C-collar around his neck to stabilize his movement. She claimed the local police beat him and threw him off a bridge.

This story and images went viral. Many people were saying terrible things about the police. Later the next day the local police chief released a video from the body cam on one of the officers. The story the woman had put on Facebook was totally false. The man literally jumped off a bridge (19ft) onto a rocky embankment, then kept crawling and running into a wooded area near a river. A taser had to be used after he refused to show his hands to police despite repeated requests from the officers to stop and show hands. This incident occurred at night and it was extremely dark underneath the bridge of the interstate highway.

The video goes on to show the police, medics, and fireman caring for this man with kindness and compassion. They were comforting him and assuring him he was going to be ok. They spent time considering ways to minimize further injury to his body while attempting to lift him out of this dark, rocky, wooded area.

The man sustained broken teeth, a lacerated tongue, and a broken femur from the fall. If you could see the terrain he landed on it is amazing he is alive.

People should be very careful in posting accusations such as this. Crying “wolf” and being exposed does not benefit anyone.

There are many ways common sense could have been used in this situation:

1. Don’t put accusations on social media until you know the facts.

2. Don’t believe everything you read on social media or see on the news.

3. Don’t jump off a 19ft bridge in order to escape your outstanding warrants. It is much less costly and better for your health to serve the time.

4. Try to give service professionals the benefit of doubt before labeling all of them as evil. I have had a bad waitress a time or two, but I certainly don’t believe the entire profession is without worth.

Lady Common

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