Misplaced Prudence

credit card

Photo: http://www.pexels.com

Has an identity thief ever went online and paid your bills?

Perhaps if these companies applied as much prudence to those wanting to steal as they do when we go online to pay our bills there would be less identity theft and stealing.

I need a dose of ginkgo biloboa before I pay my mortgage payment. I just had to try to remember my grandmother’s middle name, my license plate number, my telephone number when I was two years old, and my best friend’s first pet’s name.

I believe too much prudence is being taken to verify who I am as I try to pay my bills. For the love of God, if anyone tries to pay my bills, don’t ask any questions, just let them do it!

Place some of that prudence to the inquiry of removal of funds rather than the addition of funds.

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