Press Play to Stop Pause


How long have you been on pause?

What exactly are you waiting for? Just like the remote, you need to hit play to move off of pause.

It is so easy to get stuck. Sometimes my TV will get in a semi-frozen mode (thanks cable company!). If I flip the TV between 2 channels it will fix the problem.

The cable company is actually trying to teach us a life lesson. Who knew we could learn so much through incompetence?

When we are stuck or in a semi-frozen state, we need to flip between 2 different areas. Go outside and then come back inside. Go from one end of town to the other. Go from one state to another. Stop working on one project for a while and do something a bit different. Do anything to break the blank, frozen stare on your face.

Play to get off pause. Live to get your life off pause.

Daily Prompt

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