The Academic’s Passport



We are living in a world where the academic’s passport can actually transport you out of this world and into a world full of fantasy.

Students, have you been in one of these professors’ classrooms? The syllabus says the topic to be covered is cellular immunity, but today the professor is rambling on about Russia, dangers of vegan dieting, feminism, global warming, voting procedures, and spaying/neutering of animals.

Reality check! None of this will be on the final exam. Was this part of orientation? No, you didn’t miss anything. Your professor watched the news this morning, picked up their passport before heading to work, and now they are on their trip (power trip).

Forget the educational journey your student loan is paying for today! That biology lab you hope to work for is going to find your knowledge of political arguments a breath of fresh air in this day and time.

Reality check! If this distinguished professor worked at any other type of job they would be told to gather their belongings and hit the road. They have severely failed to accomplish the goal of successfully teaching about cellular immunity this class period and most likely any other.

Their academic passport has allowed them to free flow outside the bounds of reality for so long now there is no choice, but to revoke the passport.

Let’s ground these flights for a while until academia has a better understandings of concepts such as a syllabus, learning objectives, concrete vs. abstract, and opinions vs. facts. It’s just common sense.

Daily Prompt

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