Long before Bruce turned into Caitlin, pussification was occurring. This is nothing new.

A recent example of pussification is when a really hot guy made the statement he needed to wash his hands immediately after he pets a dog. This same person has a tattoo on the inside of his upper arm which read“Pain is Gain”.  Really? After the statement about the hand washing, I have the feeling a little Fido slobber would bring you right to your knees.

Mothers are the ultimate pussifiers. What child needs a pacifier when you can have a lifetime pussifier? Who cares that you are now in college or if you are a 40-yr-old adult? Your doorbell just rang. Your mom just came with a casserole and to rehash how your boss is an asshole. She is going to call him and/or pep up your resume to send out on some other job opportunities. She also needs to make your dental appointment and dust while she is “just in the neighborhood”.

Let’s apply a hefty dose of common sense to prevent pussification of people, regardless of their gender.

And regardless of how tough you think you are, if you have to go wash your hands after you pet a dog…..you just completed the pussification process and you did not have to spend the money , Honey.



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