Group Meetings Are Ineffective


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I happen to like essential oils and the company I use sells an oil named Common Sense. I have never tried this particular oil as it is always out of stock. Obviously, people think this is something one can purchase in a bottle and diffuse, apply to the body, and/or inhale. It is not.

If Common Sense could truly be diffused, I would definitely diffuse it at the entrance of many businesses, both for the employees and the customers. I have found the workplace to be one of the primary places common sense is in short supply.

One example which comes to mind which is a huge time waster for good employees is meetings. Rarely is there a time when information could not be conveyed via a well written email. Administrators like to have group meetings to share news with employees. Particularly, I think these meetings are to address bad behaviors the supervisor does not want to discuss with problem employees face-to-face.  Most of the time the news is presented with the sandwich cookie method. Good-bad-good.

Example: “Hi guys! Productivity is looking great. Our statistics are really amazing this quarter. Some people have not been answering emails and coming in later. We need to buckle down on this. We appreciate everyone parking in their designated parking spots. Good job with this guys!”

The reason this is ineffective is the people who do not answer emails and come in late, probably did not bother to come in to this meeting either. If these employees did come in to this meeting, the fact this message applied to them, flew directly over their head like a bird.

The only way to remedy a situation like this is to call individual meetings with the slackers and say something like this:

Boss: “I sent you an email 3 business days ago and I did not receive an answer. This really concerns me.”

Employee: “It must have went to junk mail. I didn’t get it.”

Boss: “Hmm…Did you receive receipt of your pay stub last month via email?”

Employee: “Yes.”

Boss: “Those come from the same email address, so I doubt the one I sent 3 days ago went to junk mail, nor the several I have sent before to which you did not answer.”

Employee: Silent

Boss: “I want you to step outside my office and construct a paragraph indicating your plan to correct this problem. We are going to sign it and place it in your employee file so we can have a better understanding of the workflow here and how this impacts myself and your coworkers.”

This common sense approach hopefully fixed the problem and did not hinder 25 other people in the workplace to address one person’s lackadaisical work ethic.


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